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Fabulously Funny DVD

Humorist Jeanne Robertson says that the most often asked question at this point in her 50+ year career is if she writes her own material. “Oh noooo,” she usually replies in her deeply Southern accent. “It’s easier to just watch people and wait for the fabulously funny stories to happen.”

On this DVD, you’ll hear the latest stories about the regular cast of characters you’ve met on Jeanne’s first seven CDs/DVDs. Oh, yes, that includes her husband Jerry, a.k.a. “Left Brain.” You’ll also meet new friends you will enjoy getting to know.

Produced by Elon University faculty, staff and students at the Historic Paramount Theater in Burlington, NC. Special thanks to those who Jeanne knows personally and those she has met in her travels who help her illustrate that if we keep our eyes and ears open, we’ll find “fabulously funny” people and stories!

Fabulously Funny DVD

  • Fabulously Funny!
    I don’t know Bob Sharpe
    Christine and Lee from Tennessee
    Clueless in North Carolina
    A mother’s revenge - Red Porsche
    Auburn’s “second” chance
    The Governor’s wife
    The teenage lie
    Learning cursive ... or not
    Signing - “Left Brain” still can’t get it
    Norma Rose - creative salesperson
    Depositing a “business” card
    No ma’am, I don’t smoke
    We don’t sell vanilla milkshakes!
    Why I didn’t win Miss “Amorica”
    Two all beef...
    Encore: Bama speaks up
    Encore: Don’t snap an elephant to a tree

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