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Flat Out Funny DVD

“Jeanne, you’re flat-out funny.” That’s what an audience member proclaimed after hearing humorist Jeanne Robertson at one of her numerous speeches each year. And “flat-out funny” she is. Now, she delivers her special brand of flat-out funny humor to an enthusiastic audience at the historic Paramount Theater in Burlington, NC.


Jeanne has won every top honor in professional speaking, a career that evolved from giving more than 500 speeches during her year as Miss North Carolina, an obscenely long time ago. She’s been making people laugh since then. On this fifth DVD, she shares more stories from living and traveling with her husband Jerry, a.k.a. “LB” for “Left Brain” to running her large speaking business out of a tiny speaking office with her assistant Toni. But while the audience is holding their sides from laughter, Jeanne slips in some important reminders about accepting things we can’t change about the people around us, looking for humor in everyday experiences and finding humor in stressful situations.

Flat Out Funny DVD

  • Flat-out Funny at the Paramount!
    Hiring Toni
    A penny for your thoughts
    Perk trip - sleeping in “tubes”
    Seeing bats - Victoria’s Secret
    He is too a nice boy
    “Bestest” friend - ring guards
    National Senior Games
    Bungy jumping
    Eight-day rafting trip - Part 1
    Eight-day rafting trip - Part 2
    Eight-day rafting trip - Part 3
    Eight-day rafting trip - Part 4
    A grandmother makes it “even”

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