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Here She Is DVD

Taped by Kentucky Educational Television before an enthusiastic audience at Renfro Valley, Kentucky. Jeanne rolls 'em in the aisles with favorite stories from her books and audio cassettes.

Here She Is DVD

  • Here She Is
    Miss “Amorica” Pageant
    Speaking to five year olds
    On TV at Miss “Amorica”
    Best thing NC had to send?
    Growing up, and up and up!
    6'2", 160 lbs, 11B shoes - age 13
    Shopping with her mother
    Jumping rope with her sisters
    How tall are you?
    Hearing herself wrinkle
    Norma Rose’s advice
    One blue eye
    Football mouthpiece
    Learning to sign
    Arm flab and tiny barbells
    Puffy hand and bursitis
    Sleeping in a glove
    Getting ready for bed
    Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas!
    The BATON Story

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