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Just for Fun!

Humorist Jeanne Robertson looks for humor every day . . . just for fun! You might think that she does so in order to have plenty of hilarious material for her speeches and you would be correct, to a degree. But the truth is, after forty-five years of giving humorous speeches, looking for humor has become a way of life for this award-winning professional speaker.

On this program . . . Just for Fun! . . . Jeanne shares more humorous happenings she has seen when looking at herself, everyday situations and of course, her family. You’ll meet new folks - the weekend visitors from Ohio, the Mississippi and Alabama “Branches” of her family, thousands of women in a sea of purple and red, and people who do and do not speak southern. The regular cast of characters reappear, i.e., “Queen of the Tickets” Toni, Jane Tucker (from NYC!), “bestest” friend Norma Rose, grandsons Ryder and Gray and of course, husband Jerry, a.k.a. “Left Brain.”

Recorded by Elon University Television before a fun-loving crowd at the Paramount Theater in Burlington, NC. Special thanks to those Jeanne knows personally and those she met in her travels who appear in her stories . . . just for fun!

Just for Fun!

  • Just for Fun!
    Left Brain is in the building!
    Left Brain at a formal banquet
    Southern accent in Lansing, MI
    Watch your he’ud’
    Executive Inn Hotel room key
    New York City buttons
    Motion activated “facilities”
    Jeanne on Youtube
    Left Brain cleaning carpets
    Grandma Freddie’s trip to the Holy Land
    The Interments of Rudolph Elroy Branch

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