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Not Just for Laughs DVD

Jeanne does it again! Another presentation that keeps the audience holding their sides and wiping tears of laughter from their eyes while she slips in some pretty important stuff. Filmed at Elon College in NC for broadcast on the North Carolina Center for Public Broadcasting. Hilarious beyond words!

Not Just for Laughs DVD

  • Not Just For Laughs
    Recognizing Jeanne
    Miss “Amorica” Pageant
    49th out of 50 - comb player
    Miss Congeniality
    Tall questions
    Left Brain, a.k.a. “LB”
    Beaver at Elon
    How’s the weather up there?
    Shorter friends
    Hot breakfast?
    Caesar salad
    Liberty Bell
    Professional streaker
    I make no promises
    Pantyhose for 6'2" women
    The New York City body suit
    There he is ... Mr. Public Television

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