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Rocking Humor CD

Humorist Jeanne Robertson doesn’t sing. She tried it in the Miss “Ahmorica” Pageant decades ago, but they listed it as comedy. (She was singing the best she could.) She doesn’t tout playing a musical instrument either because to many, knowing only four chords on a ukulele and one original song barely qualifies. But once Jeanne walks out on stage in packed theaters, she quickly has her audiences roaring with laughter. That’s because with her hilarious, original stories for the whole family . . . Jeanne Rocks Humor!

On this 9th CD, you’ll hear the latest stories about Jeanne’s regular Cast of Characters you met on her first eight programs: husband Jerry, a.k.a. “Left Brain,” Toni “Queen of the Tickets,” “Bestest” friend Norma Rose, Jane Tucker (from NYC!) and son Beaver to name a few. You’ll also love meeting new folks who enjoy life and love to laugh.

Produced by Elon University before a fun-loving crowd at the Historic Paramount Theater in Burlington, NC. Special thanks to those Jeanne knows personally and those she’s met along the way who appear in her stories to assist her in . . . Rocking Humor!

Rocking Humor CD

  • Rocking Humor!
    The Rocking Chair Tour
    Finding humor in rehab
    Silver Alert
    Who you gonna call?
    Driving Miss Jeanne - Deland or Bust!
    Jeanne & Left Brain’s first date
    Left Brain’s Christmas gifts
    Ah youth
    The Merch Director
    Don’t flash the bellman!
    Hand it to Michigan
    A soaring fan club
    A tiny piece of advice
    I’m trying to tell you!
    Lights, Camera, Action!
    A magnetic personality
    Pashminas by the pallet
    Going by Memphis?
    Special delivery to Cowpens
    Would you like some Grey Poupon?
    The Toothpick Man - Huh
    Plus Bonus Features!

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