In this presentation, 6'2" Jeanne is "talkin' funny" about what she sees occurring around her every day. In her distinctively North Carolina drawl, she reminds us that a sense of humor springs from our attitudes, not from where we live and certainly not from how we speak. Share the fun as Jeanne transcends the Mason-Dixon Line to put the accent on humor! Recorded before a humor-loving, enthusiastic audience at the Cavalcade of Comedy in Renfro Valley, Kentucky.

Talkin' Funny DVD

  • Talkin' Funny
    Big Jeanne
    They don’t need it!
    Bob Eugene
    Miss NC & her daddy on elevator
    Southern Accent
    Outlet capital of the south
    Kingston, NY
    Wearing stripes shrinking
    Feet enhancing
    Work as a troll
    Left Brain, a.k.a. “LB”
    Hanging pictures
    Northern Tap Dancer-Baby Face

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